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Test Equipment

Motion Pac builds a range of equipment for testing parts and components. These include durability testing, verification of incoming materials, work in process and function testing of finished products.

Function Testers

The company has built equipment to cover a wide range of function tests from simple fixtures that test current draw of a device to complicated machines that test and record data from a range of sophisticated devices such as automotive HVAC modules. These machines have included durability test fixtures and final production test equipment.

Leak Testers

Motion Pac has built over 100 dedicated units based on the use of a mass spectrometer and tracer gas system incorporating sniffer, clamshell and chamber design configurations.

We have built pressure decay leak detectors utilizing both commercially available degradation testers and our proprietary designs for product sensing or orifice verification.

We specialize in the leak checking of automotive air conditioner lines, headlights, taillights and castings.